100 Rainy Day Date Ideas | Cute, Fun, and Romantic!

All of us that are in relationships look forward to date night; a day that is filled love, laughter, and happiness. A date with a good plan can brighten up a rainy day and leave a couple with memories that’ll never fade.

When we plan out a date night, we realize what it might entail. A tail of scrambling in order to figure out when the two of your schedules line up to have a night off. Excitement and happiness begin to fill as you both look forward to your romantic night together.

Then finally, the two of you get a day planned to go out and have a nice date together, until you realize it’s raining out. Leaving you and your partner frustrated at what the two of you can do. However, rather than you not doing anything, the two of you can utilize the weather as a benefit.

Think of the rain as a sign. A sign that is telling you that maybe instead of a normal basic date that you always do, the two of you will have to be creative with how you can spend your date night. Essentially forcing you to come up with rainy day activities for couples.

Don’t worry, if you’re clueless about what you can do, this article has compiled a list of rainy date ideas; some of which are meant as rainy date ideas for home. Allowing the two of you to be at the comfort of your own home.

Date on a Rainy Day
Date on a Rainy Day

So go ahead, dive in and start reading about these rainy day ideas!

  1. Go to the movies. Even if there aren’t movies you’re interested in, pick a random one and see what happens!
  2. Play a board game against each other.
  3. Draw each other and compare the drawings.
  4. Try a new restaurant you haven’t had before.
  5. Build a fort together.
  6. Read poetry to each other.
  7. Listen to music together.
  8. Tell each other stories that you haven’t told each other before.
  9. Have a nice romantic dinner together.
  10. Visit your local library together.
  11. Go on a nice drive together. (Depending on how severe the rain is)
  12. Make coffee or tea together.
  13. Eat a bunch of junk food and relax.
  14. Dance to random music in your living room together.
  15. Have a bake-off. See who can make better desserts.
  16. Go bowling together.
  17. Have a pizza party.
  18. Eat a little bit of food at a few different restaurants. (Go from one restaurant to another)
  19. Go to a museum together.
  20. Go to an arcade together.
  21. Have a picnic at the comfort of your home.
  22. Teach each other something the other person doesn’t know. (Drawing, playing an instrument etc.)
  23. Go to a bar together.
  24. Go to a vintage arcade together.
  25. Try a type of food the two of you have never had before.
  26. Go swimming at an indoor swimming pool together.
  27. Go to the gym together.
  28. Catch a play together.
  29. Go to a concert together.
  30. Do karaoke and see who can sing better.
  31. Have a nice spa day together.
  32. Go and get pedicures together.
  33. Go to a comedy show together.
  34. Go to a sporting event together.
  35. Check out the local music scene and explore the random shows going on.
  36. Visit childhood memories and tell each other stories.
  37. Go to the mall together.
  38. Watch your favorite movies at home together.
  39. Write love notes and read them to each other.
  40. Pick a show the two of you have never seen before and binge-watch it.
  41. Pick a book to read and have a little book club meeting about it.
  42. Check out indoor go-carting together.
  43. Go to an indoor mini-golf course and play against each other.
  44. Explore an aquarium together.
  45. Pick each other’s outfits and have a fashion-off.
  46. Consider donating and helping those in need.
  47. Try a yoga class together.
  48. Try a martial arts class together.
  49. Try a boxing class together.
  50. Go to a psychic and get your future predicted to each other.
  51. Try something random like indoor rock climbing.
  52. Go out and play in the rain like you did when you were kids.
  53. Snuggle up in bed and relax.
  54. If you live in a city, explore the countryside.
  55. If you live in the country, drive to the nearest city.
  56. Go to a cooking class together.
  57. Create a scavenger hunt for each other.
  58. Play hide and seek.
  59. Paint and see who the better artist is.
  60. Play cards against each other.
  61. Explore the world of arts of crafts such as coloring or making scrapbooks.
  62. Look at old pictures of the two of you.
  63. Go ice skating together.
  64. Play laser-tag together or against each other.
  65. Play paintball together or against each other.
  66. Read “questions designated for couples” and answer them.
  67. Play a few different love quizzes and see where you guys rank.
  68. Discuss the meaning of life and have a deep discussion.
  69. Have a pillow or tickle fit.
  70. If you have a camera, take pictures of each other.
  71. Drive through a side of town the two of you aren’t familiar.
  72. Play video games together.
  73. Play two truths and a lie.
  74. Visit a local craft beer brewery together.
  75. Create a fun bubble bath for each other to relax in.
  76. Look up recipes online and create a fun dinner together.
  77. Set a tent up outside and camp out while the rain comes down.
  78. Have a digital detox together. (No electronic devices, only each other)
  79. Dye each other’s hair/give haircuts to each other.
  80. Create a list of goals and things you want to accomplish together.
  81. Plan out a vacation together.
  82. Set-up your living room like you’re camping together.
  83. Eat smores and relax together.
  84. Moisturize and hydrate each other’s hair, skin, and body.
  85. Go to a supermarket together.
  86. Do a spin class together.
  87. If you have nothing to do the next day, see who will fall asleep first.
  88. Look up random DIYs on Pinterest and see if you can accomplish them together.
  89. Go on a trip to see local ghost sites. (Ones that you can see from your car)
  90. Have a nerf gun war at your house.
  91. Watch a podcast together.
  92. Watch the first-ever movie the two of you each saw when you were kids.
  93. Look up the worst movie you can find and watch it together.
  94. Write a personal auto-biography from each other’s perspective about your first date.
  95. Play each other in ping pong.
  96. Go to a few local coffee shops together and compare their coffees.
  97. Invite a few friends over and have a movie or game night together.
  98. Go out to a local ice cream place together.
  99. Go to an indoor batting cage place together.
  100. Explore random local shops the two of you have never been to before.

If this list hasn’t sparked an idea or two yet, your best bet is to be as creative as the two of you can be. Don’t be disappointed with how the weather turned out. Use the weather to your advantage and realize the only thing you need is each other.

You can utilize the day as a day for a deep discussion, a discussion of memories, a plan for future endeavors, a more typical date, or a random exploration of activities such as go-carting. Make it how you want it, and realize that special sunny day with a blue sky will come again someday.

So go ahead and have fun! Make the most out of your special day and see what happens. By the end of it, you’ll be shocked at how much of a blast the two of you will end up having.

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