Tech Jobs That Will Be In Demand In The Future

Today’s tech and IT professionals are living in a constantly changing world. The priorities of today’s businesses remain much the same, but their particular technological needs are quickly changing, and if tech professionals want to keep up, they need to pay attention to the shifting desires of the market.

Tech Job in Demand (Today & In the Future)

Recent college graduates and current students who are preparing to enter the market place are in a good position to specialize in an area and start their career in one of the best tech jobs for the future. The following list is what we would expect to be some of the tech careers that will remain in demand in the future.

User Support Specialist

Topping the list is a job that some may not expect, but should ultimately come as no surprise to anyone. As businesses grow more and more dependent upon their technology, their dependence upon those who are able to support and assist users also grows. This often underappreciated position could be the best tech job in the coming years. The golden age of the help desk might not be over: it might just be getting started.

Tech Job in Demand
Tech Job in Demand

DevOps Engineer

The days of operations and development occurring relatively independently of one another may quickly be coming to a halt – or at least slowing down. Companies are discovering that bringing these two teams together increases the speed at which new products are released as well as increasing the reliability of their services. Current developers may benefit greatly from learning automation tools like Ansible or Chef and the best practices of operations teams.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application development can be a lucrative field to get into and potentially stands to become even more lucrative in the future. More and more companies are moving into the field of mobile applications to fulfill their business models. From banking to the continual monitoring of glucose levels in diabetics through Bluetooth connectivity, the mobile application demand is here to stay.

Web Developer

More and more services are moving online, and while this transition has been occurring for quite some time now, the future is looking bright for those in a web development career. The internet is continuing to evolve, and it is becoming integral for businesses who want to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Businesses, both large and small, can benefit greatly from e-commerce and online advertising. Something as simple as a listing business information and menu options for a restaurant can make the difference between a popular local dine-in with waiting lists or a room full of empty seats.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning engineers develop the backbones of AI systems that are paving the way to an almost science-fiction future. By applying algorithms to a large set of data, machine learning engineers make it possible for computers to make complex decisions – without this, self-driving car projects will never truly hit the road. But it isn’t just in the grandeur of the lofty projects of automated transportation. The talk-to-text option available on most cell phones uses artificial neural networking in order to recognize vocal patterns and provide the sort of results the users expect. These useful technologies are a result of the work of machine learning engineers.

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