What is the most popular programming language in use today

There are numerous programming languages out there, and if you are new to the field of software development, finding your footing can be a difficult task. While new programming languages are being developed every now and then, there are coding languages that have been tested by developers over the years, have been improved upon and still remain very relevant today.

Most Popular Programming Language

One of the most popular programming language today is Python. It is versatile, powerful, and user-friendly, making it a popular choice for both new and experienced programmers.

Needless to say, Python is not the only programming language. This list of popular programming languages is an attempt to give insight on what developers currently use, why they will still be relevant in the future and what upcoming developers should expect.

Popular Programming Language
Popular Programming Language


Python will remain a very popular coding language and there are many reasons why. Regarded as a high-level user-friendly programming language that’s incredibly versatile, it is a popular choice for beginners. It is easy to learn with relatively straightforward, almost English-like language rules. However, it is a powerful language and it is used in complex processes like data analysis and machine learning output. Its framework exists for just about anything including packages like NumPy used in engineering, computing, and other scientific fields. And when it comes to open-source packages, the popular Django framework would interest those who are into back-end web development as it’s written in Python. Python one of the oldest coding languages out there and with the investments made by Google, its popularity has risen all the more.


JavaScript is a front-end programming language that is favored by many because of the simplicity. In terms of popularity, it is definitely highly used by many developers. If you consider yourself a software developer, it’s almost impossible not to have JavaScript as part of your arsenal. It should come as no surprise to know that most of your popular websites such as Facebook and Gmail have incorporated Javascript into their design. You’ll find evidence of the use of JavaScript on the web just about everywhere as more than 80% of developers regularly make use of it to create interactive elements. Even though it is considered a front-end language just like CSS and HTML, using Node.js, you can be run JavaScript on the server side to create network applications that are scalable. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and SunOS are all compatible with Node.js. If you an experienced JavaScript developer, you’ll probably need other libraries and frameworks such as Ember, Angular, and JQuery for easier development. An average JavaScript developer is said to earn over $72,000 a year according to Glassdoor – a very good reason to learn the code too. While it is a simple language, it is a very capable language.


Java is a popular coding language and is broadly accepted in the computer programming world for its compatibility with different software platforms most especially because of its “write once, run anywhere” MANTRA. It is flexible, and its software can be written on any device and is cross platform compatible. It is the basic coding language that runs all android operating systems and android apps development and developers all over the world depend on it. And if big businesses such as Fortune 500 companies favor its use, this should be a motivating factor to learn this programming language. If you need a language that has job prospects, Java is a good bet because it’s rooted in its usability for business applications. You’ll find that it’s a very popular language for server-side and back end systems. Popular programs written in Java include the Apache Hadoop data processing system operated by Windows Azure and Amazon Web services. Beginners can learn this language easily and it’s one to add to your resume if you are coder.


With PHP all it takes is an open source editing tool uploaded to an inexpensive hosting account, of which there are hundreds. There is more security when one is using an open source application, as anyone can see what the program consists of. True, that also makes it easy to make security mistakes, but programmers can avoid these simply by remaining knowledgeable about web application security. It is supported by the great majority of web hosting businesses and providers, and most hosting accounts that use Linux also support PHP, making it the obvious language of choice for anyone who wants to work with Linux. Likewise, there are many PHP code examples. All you have to do, once you have discovered such code, is to take it apart and put it together in a way that fits your particular purpose. It can be scaled to all web applications, no matter how large they may be. It is used by many of the most popular and widely visited sites on the Net. And is a good choice for anyone who wants to create, say, a new Facebook app.

All Web 2.0 applications are interoperable with the language. Using only a few PHP commands, one can get data from websites more easily than with other languages. It is fun to code in PHP. It is one of the easiest languages to master. So many pre-existing code frameworks are available. The presence of such frameworks can save a great deal of work and time, much like having a house that has been pre-fabricated. And each framework can be used for a different task. PHP is used by many, if not most, content management systems, so for those who want to become website designers, it is the ideal language to use. It is used by WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS packages. Knowledge of the language gives one a big advantage when searching for computer related jobs today.


Swift is the coding language for Apple’s mobile app development and products. Compared to many other programs, Swift is relatively new and is used to develop macOS and iOS apps. Unlike its predecessor, Objective-C, Swift was designed for speed. It is easier to debug and more streamlined. It’s becoming very popular, growing rapidly and is used by developers to design native macOS, iOS, and Linux apps that are high-performance and powerful. iOS apps are the most commercially successful mobile applications on the market. It is also the basis for all of Apple’s system including tvOS and watchOS. It is highly recommended for developers to learn Swift’s programming language.
Notwithstanding, there are other very important coding languages that developer should learn. In others to stay relevant, developers need to constantly add new skills to their arsenal.

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